Friday, December 16, 2005

These posts really need to become more regular...

We have so much intersting stuff to share, but, when it comes down to it, we always talk about one thing and one thing only...when we're playing

so here it is, surprise of surprises, our bi-weekly gig at RUFUS
Saturday17th December
any time from 9 pm
10th Avenue between 45 and 46

FYI - we seem to be on the up and up these days, and rufus has been packed pretty much every night we play's great to see so many people enjoying themselves and, more importantly, enjoying the music we play. Thanks for coming and thanks for the kind words! We'll try to reward you soon with one of our long-awaited podcasts and with some posts here that are actually patient!

OR maybe it's rufus that's on the up and up...the bar was recently the unlikley venue for the Goldfrapp after party, which saw an unusual amount of scarily-dressed uber hipsters flood the space. Good gig and a good vibe...

Hope to see people tomorrow...

Thursday, December 01, 2005

...we've been away too long

Apologies one and all for the long period of quietness...forces beyond our control (i.e. business and laziness) have meant that we've been nothing short of useless when it comes to keeping this blog up to date.

The last month or so has seen some intersting developments - our first time playing one of those new fangled CDs (more to come, we imagine, as more and more people start putting out great music on CD-R) and some great buys at the WFMU record fair included. Also, a couple of great nights at RUFUS have whetted our appetite for world domination/

And we'll be back this Saturday - well, one of us will...El Paso Hi Fi will be going solo this saturday night at Rufus, while Giles convalesces after an operation...expect the usual musical magic!!!

Seven Ten Sound
Saturday 3rd December
9pm til late
Rufus Bar Lounge
(10th Ave between 45th and 46th Street)

See you there and watch this space for more regular updates!

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Success by Proxy

Quick note to say that Proxy, the young London, England band (and friends of Seven Twelve Sound) were announced yesterday as the winners of London indie station XFM's unsigned band competition!

Congratulations to the boys of Proxy, for this great and well deserved accolade. We like to back a winner and are confident that this win is another step on the way to success...

Check their music here (London readers can also find out about forthcoming gigs) and remember, you heard about them here first!

Good to Be Back

Thanks to all who came along to our night last week at was a great turn-out and we're really glad to be back! Good to see some familar faces as well as some new ones and everyone seemed to be having fun, which makes us happy!

Anyway, as a result of that night, we now have one foot firmly planted in the 21st Century...we have recorded 4 hours of music onto minidisk and are planning on podcasting on this site. If anyone knows good ways of doing this, do let us know! We're investigating options, but in the meantime, we're all ears.

Anyway, in case we don't get that done this week, be sure to make a note of our next night...same venue!

September 24th, 2005
10th AVE BETWEEN 45th and 46th

remember, it's free entry, the drinks are reasonably priced and the music is, of course, great...we hope to see you down there!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

I'll Suck Your Soul!

Great piece in The New Republic by way of the wonderful WMFU Blog, which goes a long way towards summing up some of our views on the deeper and darker cultural implications of the ipod. There's no denying that the ipod has changed the way people consume music and has given people the chance to discover arists, eras andeven genres that they never knew existed. And this has some exciting implications for the future: a new generation of young people are experiencing a rich and exciting spectrum of music, which, as an optimist, I feel could have two very positive effects:

a) They start to realize that the vast majority of market-researched, mass-produced music they are being spoon-fed it complete SHIT and will stage a quiet revolution (see these guys for a n example)

b) A new generation of young people have the opportunity to grow up in a far more rounded and exciting soundscape, open to more diverse and interesting influences. When I was a student, Britpop, the Stones and Zeppelin was about as exciting as people got. These days, I hear NYU kids discussing a myriad of varying influences . The knock-on effect of this could be a far more creative next generation of musicians

Let's not get too carried away, though...On the other hand it has also created a generation of ipod parasites who suck other people's life's work into their ipods, with about as much consideration as they would take having a piss or throwing away a piece of junk mail. Where is the excitement of FINALLY finding that record you've been searching for for FIVE YEARS? Where's the warm satisfaction of spending HOURS digging through record shop to find new things YOURSELF. There's a certain pioneering spirit shared by those who love to search for and find music and a more whore-ish spirit to those who use thier ipod to clone our beloved collections! "My ipod's a whore," a friend of mine recently commented, "it just opens its legs and lets computers spunk music up it." Right on.

The ipod may be slowly stripping us of the authority that comes from amassing enviable record collections, but it has yet to inflitrate into the realms of passion. It's awful to think that a gorgeous rarity like Bill Cosby singing Beatles and Hendrix covers could be sat gathering cyber-dust at the back of someone's ipod, uncared for and unloved, but we can still hold on to the fact that its owners "just don't get it..."

To hear the fruits of our labors, come to Rufus (1oth ave between 45 and 46, NY, NY) this Saturday night - be enlightened

To search out items for your own collection, you could do worse than a trip to Rockit Scientists on St. Mark's Place...fine CD, fine Vinyl all under the watchful eye of Seven Twelve's own El Paso Hi-Fi!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Back to School!

As summer starts to wind down and people make their way back to the city, so the mighty Seven Twelve Sound System steps out of its summer hibernation and comes back to New York City to bring all you lovely people the kind of music you deserve on a saturday night...

Like the dirctor's cut of your favorite film, Seven Twelve Sound has all the things you love and that keep you coming back time and time again for more, but we've added a few new twists...first up, we're looking at expanding our horizons a little and adding extra venues on top of our Hell's Kitchen residency (Westsiders need not fear, we'd never leave behind our beloved 10th Avenue home, we just figure that residents of other boros should get a bite at the Seven Twelve cherry)

Secondly, the summer has involved a lot of time record shopping, which means that we've managed to dig up some gorgeous rarities, some fine cuts and a spate of hot imports...our fingers are bleeding from digging through crates, but we figure it's worth it...

Finally, we've added...well, this, the Seven Twelve Sound Blog! We're online with this beautiful, easy to use blog...we may be luddites as far as our vinyl only policy goes, but it's high time we joined the modern world and took our battered old Morris Minor for a trip down the information keep your eyes on this blog for updates on what we're doing, where we're doing it, reviews of music we love, lists, news about other people and hey, we're even going to start putting podcasts online for your downloading pleasure and occasional set lists for those who prefer to keep it real and actually find the music can even contact us for requests and "hey man what the hell was that?" style questions...enjoy!

Some things, however, don't change: Seven Twelve Sound will continue to pump out the usual mix of music, ranging from old soul and funk from the 60s and 70s, psych, garage rock and freakbeat to rare groove, reggae, bizarre covers, hip hop and, as the evening drags on and any pretence of structure leaves the sets, whatever the hell we feel like playing (anyone there when soccer chants lined up along side techno may have an inkling of what we're on about...)

So come along and enjoy, people....

Seven Twelve Sound at Rufus
Rufus, 10th Ave between 45th and 46th St
New York, NY 10036
Saturday 9/9/05, 9pm until Bedtime

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